HTF Wrestling Federation: Souled Out Sundays


Last week the draft order battle royal took place.

Footage of this event is questionable, the head office has been accused of some tampering but there were witnesses to the event… either way the show must go on as there was some business to sort out in advance of the Draft on September 7th.

Weng Weng emerged as the federations diapered champion.

The commish opens the episode and made himself known, and then boldly declared that Titiboi Martinez would get the title shot at the first PPV, Non Consensual Advances.

The other wrestlers were not happy with that and let it be known to the commish. Titiboi was nowhere to be seen in the commishes defence after such a huge opportunity was just given to him with the title shot.

I feel like that might come back to burn him in the main event next week.

The commish was furious, and decides that tag teams must be formed from that gang to beat each other up. The vacant tag team titles will be offered to the winner.

A controversially racist statement was made by one of the white wrestlers about potential team composition, and some ethnicities were not having any of it!

Another beat down would take place as some wrestlers watched on, while a new tag team force appears in the making with the Laos Boys… will wrestlers put their morals aside to team up with the pale white beast for a tag team championship shot. We’ll find out next week.

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