Power Rankings

Team NamePower Ranking ScoreWinsLossesTies
OLIVER’s Expert Team5768.1710
Lamar Vaxxin’4456620
Covid truthers4361.04350
Don’t Get Hurt Kamara4193.13350
Jaime’s Awesome Team3596.2350

*Note: Power rankings are determined by: Points Scored + (Points Scored * Winning %) + (Points Scored * Winning % if played vs the median score of the week)

Schedule Comparisons

Vs Who’s Schedule
TeamsIvermetcalfLamar Vaxxin’Don’t Get Hurt KamaraJaime’s Awesome TeamOLIVER’s Expert TeamCovid truthers
Lamar Vaxxin’4-46-22-65-34-43-5
Don’t Get Hurt Kamara5-36-23-53-53-54-4
Jaime’s Awesome Team5-34-42-63-53-53-5
OLIVER’s Expert Team5-36-25-36-27-15-3
Covid truthers4-46-22-64-44-43-5

Weekly Records vs All Teams

Team Name12345678Total
OLIVER’s Expert Team5-04-15-04-10-55-02-32-327-13
Don’t Get Hurt Kamara4-10-52-35-02-32-35-01-421-19
Covid truthers1-42-33-22-34-14-14-10-520-20
Lamar Vaxxin’2-33-20-51-43-21-43-25-018-22
Jaime’s Awesome Team3-21-41-40-55-03-20-54-117-23

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