Controversial Week 6 Power Rankings

Lots of information that can be interpreted in so many ways…

  • Surely the Russians have influenced DGHK being in 3rd place for a power ranking score, that’s entirely inaccurate
  • We can see Ivermetcalf still retains it’s lead over the Covid truthers for White Supremacy, that’s entirely accurate

  • Look at the Lamar Vaxxin Schedule Comparisons, talk about luck of the Laotian! Anyone elses schedule and he’s at best .500…
  • It’s almost impressive to see his 10-20 overall weekly record, yet he’s 5-1 when the dice are rolled and the chips are on the table… maybe defence does win Championships?

  • We could acknowledge Covid Turthers weekly record vs all teams finally waking up, but the Power Ranking score is what matters more in the end

Team NamePower Ranking ScoreWinsLossesTies
OLIVER’s Expert Team4630.63510
Lamar Vaxxin’3362.94510
Don’t Get Hurt Kamara3121.09240
Covid truthers3024.69240
Jaime’s Awesome Team2863.47240

*Note: Power rankings are determined by: Points Scored + (Points Scored * Winning %) + (Points Scored * Winning % if played vs the median score of the week)

Schedule Comparisons

Vs Who’s Schedule
TeamsIvermetcalfLamar Vaxxin’Don’t Get Hurt KamaraJaime’s Awesome TeamOLIVER’s Expert TeamCovid truthers
Lamar Vaxxin’3-35-10-63-32-42-4
Don’t Get Hurt Kamara4-25-12-42-41-53-3
Jaime’s Awesome Team4-23-32-42-42-42-4
OLIVER’s Expert Team5-15-14-25-15-14-2
Covid truthers4-25-11-53-33-32-4

Weekly Records vs All Teams

Team Name123456Total
OLIVER’s Expert Team5-04-15-04-10-55-023-7
Covid truthers1-42-33-22-34-14-116-14
Don’t Get Hurt Kamara4-10-52-35-02-32-315-15
Jaime’s Awesome Team3-21-41-40-55-03-213-17
Lamar Vaxxin’2-33-20-51-43-21-410-20

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